So Fresh and So Clean

Fresh [fresh] – adjective 1. newly made or obtained 2. recently arrived; just come 3. new; not previously known, met with Fresh produce. Fresh faces. Fresh start. Fresh perspective. One of my favorite things about our new Connecticut home is their fresh produce. The crisp, refreshing cucumbers and juicy corn on the cob from the … Continue reading

Resolution of the Now

Whether you were ready for it or not, the new year rang in and the calendar restarted. No time to snooze,  the drilling weight loss commercials and a resurgance of gym rats will be a constant reminder of resolutions. Reflections and goals to improve your health and lifestyle are great. Conviction and accountability for your … Continue reading

The Power of Thanksgiving

With a blink of an eye, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I have a lot to be thankful for, including the 15 pounds I’ve put on. Every pound was worth it, as the power of Thanksgiving brings together my three favorite F’s – family, friends and food. Family We love them, even when we hate … Continue reading

Dancing in the Dark

I’m afraid of the dark. It’s a childhood fear I have never been able to shake off. Being without light and not having the capability to see what is ahead of me or around me leaves me feeling empty and scared. I’m a control freak and when surrounded by darkness, I feel helpless as my … Continue reading

The Super Power of Flexibility

The Super Power of Flexibility

The Super Power of Flexibility A few months ago, I decided to explore New York City – ‘Carrie Bradsaw’-style. (For you male readers, this means a fashionable, fun flirty dress accompanied by five inch heels). As I confidently crossed Fifth Avenue, trying to blend in as a local, I face planted right into the pavement. … Continue reading

Fall Harvest

Spending the last ten years in Florida, I forgot the beauty of autumn – a season of non-existence in the sunshine state. As I went about my morning routine and walked to my car, the bright red and orange leaves fell from the sky, stopping me in my tracks as I looked around to enjoy … Continue reading

Royal Wedding or Royal Pain?

The Royal Wedding or Royal Pain? You either loved it or hated it. Regardless, you talked about it – at 10,000 tweets per minute! Crazy me? I’m a hopeless romantic that believes in fairytales and set my alarm for 4 o’ clock in the morning. At one point, I got bored and tried to go … Continue reading


\ KIZ-met; -mit \  , noun Destiny; fate. I believe the world is my oyster and I can achieve anything I seek. Often times though, fate  steps in and keeps things interesting. It’s not always an easy pill to swallow, especially when it catches you off guard. A couple years ago, kismet introduced me to … Continue reading

Hello, Do

Can I get your number? In high school, I was a social butterfly and had the hook up. I had my own Swatch phone and a private line. To come home from school and see the blinking light on my answering machine was like hearing “you’ve got mail” when I would dial-up my AOL email … Continue reading

Stork Season

I don’t need a memo to see that baby bumps are blooming all around me this spring – coworkers, friends, family. It’s a happy time, even for those who are not carrying a little one themselves. A time to shop for everything miniature – onesies and little Nike Airs. In addition to the shopping, I … Continue reading